Canva Automate Maker Review & Alternatives

Are you looking for a way to create images in bulk with canva. Then you need a canva automation tool ! These are tools that allow you to upload a csv and automate the creation of multiple listings using a simple template. If you have ever had to manually create the exact same design with slightly different information you know just home much of a head ache this can be!

One of the best canva automation tools is canvasmate but there are other options available to you such as canva automate maker.

Disclaimer: All information about canva automate maker is only accurate up to the initial publishing date (21/Jan/2023) of the post unless expressly stated otherwise. The information is sourced from what is publicly available at the initial publishing time from their website front page.

What is canva automate maker ?

Canva automate maker is a popular canva automation tool. Like most other canva automation tools it allows you to:

  • Upload a csv and generate multiple designs from one template
  • Download each unique design to your computer

How much does it cost ?

The chrome extension has the following price point:

  • $9.99/month
  • $71/year

The tool is fairly affordable for the features provided. The price point is slightly higher than that of canvasmate, which starts from $8.99/month


  • Unlimited variables
  • Create unlimited designs
  • Included support

Best Alternative to Canva Automate Maker

One of the best alternatives to canva automate maker is canvasmate. Canvasmate is a chrome extension with all the needed features to create canva designs in bulk. However, it has even more features/benefits and a cheaper price:

  • Image customization support
  • Discord community for 24/7 support.
  • A more affordable offer.

You can try canvasmate for free here (NO CARD NEEDED)