Earn up to 20% recurring commissions

Refer a customer  and earn!

Earn up to 20% for referrals

Referred customers get $2 off their first month. Affiliates receive 20% of the referred revenue on a recurring basis for as long as the referred customer is with us!

By becoming an affiliate, you are agreeing to our affiliate terms

How it Works

  • Self referrals are not allowed. 
  • You’ll need to have a paypal account to get paid your commission
  • You’ll only get the commission for the first product your referral subscribes to, not further purchases. 
  • Due commissions are generally paid out after 3 months. 
  • For support please send an email to hey@canvasmate[dot]io
  • You can be removed from the affiliate program for failure to comply with terms
  • Affiliate tracking cookies last for 60 days. This means once someone uses your affiliate link, if they purchase within 60 days you will be eligible to receive the commission from that sale (assuming you meet the requirements outlined in our terms)