Automate Pod Review & Alternatives

Are you looking for a way to create images in bulk with canva. Then you need a canva automation tool ! These are tools that allow you to upload a csv and automate the creation of multiple listings using a simple template. If you have ever had to manually create the exact same design with slightly different information you know just home much of a head ache this can be!

One of the best canva automation tools is canvasmate but there are other options available to you such as automate pod.

Disclaimer: All information about automate pod is only accurate up to the initial publishing date (21/Jan/2023) of the post unless expressly stated otherwise. The information is sourced from what is publicly available at the initial publishing time from their website front page. The owner of this tool might change in the future.

What is automate pod ?

Automate pod is one of the options you have when you want to create designs in bulk on canva for print on demand.

Like most other canva automation tools it allows you to add a csv to the extension and create multiple designs while using the same template.

The designs created then get automatically downloaded to your computer.

It appears to be targeted towards the audience of print on demand sellers on platforms such as merchbyamazon, redbubble, etc. who use canva to create designs

How much does it cost ?

The tool is one of the most expensive canva automation tools available. With only one plan of $29.99 per month.

Compared to canvasmate, which starts from $8.99/month and offers a flexible annual plan.

Automate pod does have an additional feature that may justify the price depending on what image creation platform you use.


The unique feature is the support for the image site photopea, if you do not use this site then it may not be worth it to you given the cheaper alternative available. However, if you do use photopea then this tool is your best bet! and you should consider giving them a shot.

The other features provided are similar to other tools:

  • Generate unlimited designs
  • Support provided (presumably via email)

Best Alternative to Automate Pod

Out of all the options available, the number one alternative to automate pod is canvasmate. Canvasmate is a chrome extension with all the needed features to create canva designs in bulk. However, it has even more features/benefits and a cheaper price:

  • Image customization support
  • Discord community for 24/7 support.
  • A more affordable offer.

You can try canvasmate for free here (NO CARD NEEDED)